Solo works

Namir (Kvitnu, 2020)
Lement (Kvitnu, 2020)
Freigeist (Kvitnu, 2017)
 (Kvitnu, 2017)
Rozviy (Kvitnu, 2015)
(Kvitnu, 2010)
Revolt (Kvitnu, 2010)
Reset (Kvitnu, 2008)
Ampere (Alku, 2005)
Volt (Fire II) (Zeromoon, 2005)
Volt (Fire I) (Bivouac, 2005)
Stamina (Nishi, 2005)
Acute (Nexsound, 2004)
Dissilient (Nexsound, 2004)
Live Sessions (Nexsound, 2004)
Stir Mesh (Nexsound, 2002)
Tek (Stan, 2001)
Vert (Grief, 2000)
Icon (selfrelease, 1999)
iola (Moon, 1999)
Lement (Moon, 1999)



Less-Lethal vol. 2 by Alku
Grassroots: United Over Ukraine
by ?
 by Gnar Tapes
Myths & Masks Of Karol Szymanowski… by Kvitnu
Below The Radar Volume 2 by Wire Magazine
Mind The Gap Volume 76 by Gonzo Circus
Periférico: Sounds From Beyond The Bubble by Sonic Arts Network
The Wire Tapper 16 by Wire Magazine
Pueblo Nuevo Primer Aniversario by Pueblo Nuevo
nsh100 by Nishi
Music For Elevators Vol. 2 by Mahorka
…It Just Is (In Memoriam: Jhonn Balance) by Nocharizma
Negative Message From Collective Mind by Spirals Of Involution
Fabelbuch by Nexsound
Cultural Mimicry Volume 1 by Spirals Of Involution
Rural Psychogeography by Nexsound
Dissolution Tapes by Zeromoon
Ukrainian Gothic Vol. I by UGP
The Laptop And Electronic Music by Contemporary Music Review
Total Time by NN Records
Polyvox Populi 2 by Nexsound
bufferFuct by
BullDozer#2 by Fulldozer Records
Polyvox Populi by Nexsound and Sale Records