Kotra “Icon”

Label: artists selfrelease
Released: 01.01.1999
Formats: CDr + catalog / Digital download

This release is a final part of an installation project “Icon XXI Century” created in 1999 by Kotra (Dmytro Fedorenko) with Akuvido (Anna Kuts & Viktor Dovgaluk). The CD itself is a mix of Kotra’s “Icon XXI” VHS videotapes and programmed rhythms.

CDr comes with 32 pages booklet with pictures of icons, series of symbols and a concept of the project.

Music by Kotra.
Artwork by Akuvido.

01. Intro (0:52)
02. Part 1 (21:47)
03. Part 2 (14:37)
04. Part 3 (13:45)
05. Part 4 (14:38)