KOTRA is a moniker and main art project of Berlin based multidisciplinary artist Dmytro Fedorenko – one of the early and most active pioneers of Ukrainian experimental electronic music scene, responsible for a huge number of highly acclaimed experimental music projects, festivals and art events in his home country.

For many years Kotra explores his own and audiences perception limits, how music can affect body and mind at the most extreme listening conditions.

Through the years main idea behind all Kotra releases and live performances was to consider music and art as a practice of radical transformation through the music, as one of the most powerful abstract artistic tools of communication. Offering his extremes to the audience, Kotra gives a bizarre look into radical experimental nature of music. All the way irritating and disturbing sound art, right next to it’s precise aesthetics side.

Photo by KURØ. March 2021

Photo by KURØ. March 2021

Dmytro Fedorenko is a founder and producer of his label Kvitnu.

Together with Zavoloka they create art and music as their new band Cluster Lizard, with releases on a new art label Prostir.

In parallel to music, Dmytro is expanding his experiments in the fields of video, photography and abstract painting. These paintings and photos were used as album covers for Kotra’s albums as well as for numerous Kvitnu releases.

Besides music and visual art works Dmytro also curated numerous International art projects, produced concerts and festivals Kvitnu Fest and Detali Zvuku, read lectures and master classes, participated in many projects as independent consultant.

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