Kotra “Reset”

Label: Kvitnu
Released: 01.06.2008
Formats: CDr / Digital download

to clear errors, events, people, experience and concepts. to bring intention energy to a condition of initial state.
to refine the transformation process. reset to inner. to free.

Music by Dmytro Fedorenko.
Artwork by Akuvido.

01. Rational Attack
02. Absent Response
03. Burshtyn
04. Solid Dissection
05. Rezonans
06. In Strict Sense
07. Vilna Struktura
08. Strip Puncture
09. Errant Series
10. Zriz
11. Fire Fractions
12. Versed Breath
13. Sriblo Oka
14. Vacant Derivation
15. Ideal Theories
16. Zeroth