Akuvido & Kotra “Stadt Sound Station”

Akuvido & Kotra “Stadt Sound Station”

Interactive audio-visual Web project, 2002

Akuvido & Kotra "Stadt Sound Station"

Represents an interactive Visual-sound Program tool, on the basis of research, the urban space of city of Berlin and its Visual interactive and sound display. The given program tools present a set of initial graphical objects, which move to a schedule complete with sounds. Each user, with the help of offered sounds, can create their own sound symphony of the city and with the help of a graphic representation their own clip. The project is for the Internet space and is accessible to every user, for Performance in clubs or exhibition spaces.
A complete version is available on CD with the appropriate technical parameters.

Concept, visuals and programming – Akuvido.
Sound – Kotra

Project can be seen on-line here: http://www.akuvido.de/sss/plan.htm